CBA Alumínio


Dialogue and the generation of shared value in building beneficial partnerships

Sustainable development is our path to constant growth. Our sustainability initiatives are based on issues reflecting the greatest challenges for responsible progress.

Environment, People and the Future

The world is in transformation. Public perceptions about environmental and social issues raise new challenges for companies. CBA understands these challenges and forges partnerships to find opportunities for sustainable initiatives.

CBA’s material issues represent our vision of Sustainability and our long-term strategy. These initiatives have a positive influence on our governance and management, our relationships with our stakeholders and the decisions we make about processes, products and investments.


  • Sustainable mining
  • Safety of the dams
  • Eco-efficiency in production


  • Ethics, compliance and soundness in business
  • Integrity and wellbeing of the staff
  • Social license to operate

The Future

  • Reinforcement of the aluminium industry
  • Innovation and customer satisfaction.

Social Investment

Our social initiatives are aimed at local development and constant dialogue with the communities of which we are part, creating lasting partnerships and a propitious environment for a sustainable business.

We believe that understanding the current challenges of the territories is fundamental for finding long-term solutions. We analyze the localities and design social strategies for development, while at the same time broadening the Company’s social license and competitiveness.

Our investment priorities:
  • Improving public education
  • Supporting the public administration
  • Encouraging the generation of income and reinforcing the production chains
  • Engagement and empowerment of the communities

Everything we do is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations Organization (UNO).

Social Positioning

We believe that social initiatives are an instrument for generating perceived value between a business, its partners and society, through real, permanent connections through which everyone wins.

Votorantim Institute

The Votorantim Institute was set up in 2002 with the mission of upgrading the social activities of members of the Votorantim group, contributing to the competitiveness of business and the development of the communities.

Find out more on the Votorantim Institute website.