CBA Alumínio

Governance and Compliance

A legacy of best practices, ethics and responsibility, which governs our actions and decisions

Corporate Governance and Compliance

Throughout our history we have developed a traditional business culture.

Our governance system is guided by our beliefs and values and has won the trust of people and markets. Good management practices, aligned with the Votorantim DNA, today underpin our corporate governance guidelines for the future.

Board of Directors

Our management bodies act with efficiency and honesty, making decisions according to their respective competencies and goals, always aiming at the business continuity.

The Shareholders’ Meeting and the Board of Directors define the company’s strategy, advised by the Audit Committee and the People Committee. The Board of Directors is the body responsible for the management and representation of CBA in its relations with all stakeholders.

Shareholders' Meetings


Board of Directors

Luis Ermírio de Moraes
Franklin Lee Feder
Eduardo Borges de Andrade Filho
José Roberto Ermírio de Moraes Filho
Sergio Romani
Glaisy Domingues

People Committee

Luís Ermírio de Moraes
Eduardo Borges de Andrade Filho
Gilberto Lara Nogueira

Audit Committee

José Ecio Pereira
Sergio Citeroni
Sergio Romani

Executive Board

Ricardo Rodrigues de Carvalho (CEO)
Luciano Francisco Alves (CFO)
Fernando Varella (Processed Products Business Director)
Alexandre Vianna (Primary Products Business Director)
Roseli Maria de Souza Milagres (Supply Chain Director)

  • Shareholders' Meetings
  • Board of Directors
  • People Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Executive Board

Ethics, integrity and transparency

Our goal is to manage our business with integrity and transparency, always maintaining the highest ethical standards.

The CBA Compliance Program was introduced in 2013, based on Votorantim’s values, beliefs and Code of Conduct. We work better by always seeking dialogue with the public and with everyone involved in the chain, our business partners, our staff and managers, and the communities where we operate.

Compliance enables us to control any deviations from laws and regulations, contracts, permits and certificates, the reports which we publish, or antitrust or consumer rules.

The Anticorruption pillar encourages the combat of corruption in-house and in political, business and social circles. It disseminates the scope and the importance of the issue among our customers, staff, shareholders and suppliers, government, the media, the community and the public at large.

Our Ethics Line is the official channel for whistleblowers to use. Reports, which are confidential and anonymous, are analyzed and forwarded in accordance with internal policies and the law.

Information and Awareness

Committed to carrying out communication campaigns and training to anticorruption and all other pillars of our Compliance Program, we periodically seek to establish the best practices among the different levels of our organization.

Our beliefs and values are non-negotiable

We offer and encourage the use of the Ethics Line, not accepting any type of reprisal against those who use it. The channel can be easily accessed by all employees and by the external public, representing a channel for denunciations, reports and clarifications related to our Code of Conduct.

The Ethics Line is impartial and transparent, guarantees the confidentiality of information and the anonymity of its users, promoting a better environment for all.

All complaints made through the channels of the Ethics Line are automatically directed to an outside, qualified and independent company.

If you are aware of any practices that are not in accordance with our Code of Conduct or the law, make an anonymous and confidential report through one of the channels.